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We want to present our wine to the World. To give it a taste. And not only that. We also want to show the world what is behind it, what is behind its production – our vineyards, our technology, our people and the genius loci of Mikrosvín Winery.



Brunch or snack. The right time to have a drink. You know, a snack is always a pleasure, but the one with Mikros is somehow different! It's hard to describe, you have to experience it! But imagine snacking on a glass of sparkling wine, a fragrant croissant and fresh bread with farm pâté. And of course coffee!

Brunch can only be ordered on Saturday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., for reservations, call mobile: 702 174 339 or email:


4 persons
price: 1.050,-

2 persons
price: 770,-

Bottle of Sekt MIKROSVÍN | 4x coffee | jag of water | jag of orange juice | 1x Dunajka/Flammkuchen (according to your own choice) | 4x croissant from oven | 4x small butter | 4x jam blueberry, strawberry, peach | 4x small Nutella | 1/2 bread | 1x paté (according to your own choice) | vegetable + fruit | 2x farm cheese Kroupa according to current offers.

Bottle of Sekt MIKROSVÍN | 2x coffee | karafa vody | karafa pomerančového džusu | x Dunajka/Flammkuchen (according to your own choice) | 2x croissant from oven | 2x small butter | 2x jam blueberry, strawberry, peach | 2x small Nutella | 1/4 bread | 1x paté (according to your own choice) | vegetable + fruit | 1x farm cheese Kroupa according to current offers.


DUNAJKA - Flammkuchen

DUNAJKA - Flammkuchen

Flammkuchen is something between a white cream pizza and crunchy crackers with different flavors. If you don't taste it right away, you definitely will after the second glass!

Dunajka Moravian

flammkuchen dough, moravian smoked meat, onion, cheese (mix)

Dunajka Cheesy

flammkuchen dough, chedar, niva, gouda, olives, walnuts

Dunajka Chicken

flammkuchen dough, chicken ham, corn, cheese, onion

Dunajka Veggie

flammkuchen dough, vegetable mix, cheese, onion

Dunajka Spicy

flammkuchen dough, spicy sausage, chilli, vegetable, cheese, onion



In Mikrosín you not only taste wine. You taste emotions, people's stories, warmth and incredible terroir. You taste the life itself.

To specify opening hours, call the operations manager or follow our Facebook page.

Corporate events

Corporate events

Our customer knows what he wants, has high demands and often diverse requirements. And that's exactly what we enjoy.

Very often, a company is our customer. It does not matter whether a small family business, a medium-sized enterprise or a multinational concern. In all cases, our approach is the same. It is characterised by humanity, courtesy, professionalism and the motivation to always offer something extra.

Wines (with the possibility of: tasting samples; including transport; tax deduction)

Tasting (at your place; in Mikrosvín; at a partner restaurant; at any location)

Teambuilding (programs: in the vineyard; in the cellar; accompanies with wine and great food)